Persuasive Speech Outline

Planning Activity for Your Persuasive Speech                                                 Due: Friday October 30

From Strategic Plan to Speech Outline

This comprises 30% of your Persuasive Speech Plan grade.  The full outline is 70% of your grade.                                                             
*Submit a print out copy in class on Friday attached the file copy of your work along with Persuasive Speech Outline on November 4th.*

a.       Create or copy and paste the sample table below to prepare a strategic plan to enhance your persuasiveness; and, remove obstacles off the path between you and audience.
b.       In Column 1 identify your main point of views or ideas you want to persuade your audience with; then, provide a defense or supporting facts for each of your main point or idea, opinion, or belief.
c.       In Column 2 - Identify possible objections or counter arguments or opposing views against your own ideas, proposition, point of view or arguments then using credible sources provide your counter arguments to weaken or destroy the arguments or opposing views against yours. Note: If you use the table below, each row will expand as you enter the data for each column.  The table provided below may not be enough to accommodate your points to be presented so, feel free to have a table continuation on a second page.  Save your work as “Persuasive - Argumentative Plan” followed by your name for easy identification of your work in my file.  

Strategic Persuasive - Argumentative Plan

Your Main Point of Views, Ideas, Beliefs, Arguments
 Anticipated Objections, Opposing Views or Counter Ideas or Arguments Against Yours   
1.       BAC (blood alcohol count)

Defense/Support: In all 50 states, the legal limit for drunk driving is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08. A 120-pound woman can reach a .08 BAC level after only two drinks and a 180-pound man can be at .08 after only four drinks

Approximately 20 percent of accident fatalities are cause by someone under the influence of alcohol. This is unfortunate because these deaths were preventable


Your Counter-Argument:
Everybody is different and alcohol affects each person differently
I am going to include on this slide a picture of a drunk driving accident.

Source or Sources:

Consequences of drunk driving
Jail time
  • court costs
  • loss of job/loss of income
  • attorneys fees
  • increased insurance rates
  • car impound and towing fees
  • loss of driving privileges
  • cost of drivers education classes
  • cost and inconvenience of ignition interlock device installed on car
  • community service time
  • and the worst consequence of drunk driving is injuring or killing someone

Your Counter-Argument:
If you drink and drive you must pay the consequences
In most cases we here, the drunk driver lives and the innocent person is killed.  
Source or Sources:

3.  Zero Tolerance Laws
Here is the bottom line: drinking and driving is a high-risk proposition if you're under 21, even if your BAC is nowhere near the "legal limit" generally applied to drivers over the age of 21. Even an adult driver may be subject to DUI conviction if the prosecution can show that although his BAC was lower than .08 percent, he showed signs of impairment. For drivers under 21, though, the law doesn't prohibit impaired driving. It prohibits drinking and driving, period.


Your Counter-Argument:
How much is someone’s life worth.   

Source or Sources:

Due November 4, 2009 : Persuasive Speech Outline

After accomplishing your table, you should be ready to prepare your persuasive speech outline and incorporate into it the outcome of this strategic planning activity.  The template can be accessed in the message sent to you with the file attachment of the persuasive speech outline template or in your Angel Lessons link under Speech Preparation Materials folder.
b.       IMPORTANT: In your outline, properly cite or indicate sources of your supporting facts or supporting arguments and add your list of references at the end page of your outline.